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A Life Sentence of Health and Wellness Begins With One Year

Welcome to 365iNfusion! We’re grateful that you’ve dropped by to visit with us today! 365iNfusion is a 365-Day Comprehensive Health & Wellness Encouragement Coaching Program! This program is about more than weight loss, nutrition and exercise! Health & Wellness is also mindset, perspective, direction and strategic planning to meet desired goals that are reachable and attainable.


365iNfusion will help you sharpen your commitment to an optimal lifestyle; a healthier you…and why not? You deserve to experience the BEST life ever! We have a passion to encourage you EVERY step of the way…literally!


After you have reviewed our site, it is our hope that you will take a leap of faith and consider the 365iNfusion Program. We are ready to provide you with power-based solutions, so you can focus on new aspects of healthy living. Thank you in advance for reviewing our website and we look forward to hearing from you.


All the best,


Mary Perara


365iNfusion, LLC.


Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Nutrition Coach

Certified Encouragement Coach




365iNfusion, LLC is a certified Health and Wellness Comprehensive Encouragement Coaching Program with an initial period of one year. Our firm is a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned, Small Business located in Odenton, MD. We strive to exceed your individual and corporate (group) expectations, while assisting the client to invest in their future to successfully master their health and wellness goals and objectives.



Our mission is to provide effective and innovative core solutions to our clients while helping them to secure a “Priority One” mentality in their health and wellness practices for 365 days.


Our vision is to launch a solid comprehensive health and wellness program designed to encourage our clients to Reboot (restart) the beginning of their program, Recharge (trust and embrace) the process of their journey, and Redefine (establish new changes in a new mindset) by coaching them to take charge of the critical areas that used to hold them back from a total commitment to a healthier lifestyle.






Why 365 iNfusion?

Why 365 Days?

Why 365 days Mary? I’m so glad you asked! I had a creative thought one day that I would like to share in the form of a brief exercise. Using a calculator, type in the number 365 and multiply it by the number of years you’ve been on this earth.  For example, as of today, mine would be 365 X 53 = 19,345. The number provided is the total amount of days that I have been honored to be alive. When I looked at the value of my life through THIS number....

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Why iNfusion?

I was at an incredible conference one day and I heard a speaker say that some people in general never lose the will to fight…they lose the will to win! Sometimes, we have the best intentions to begin something and once a “life happened” moment occurs and the course is altered, we either delay or try to modify our completion date.   Sometimes we can even become complacent, consider quitting and never make it to the end of our project or mission!

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365iNfusion is a 365-day Comprehensive Health & Wellness Encouragement Coaching Program. Every single day of our lives is valuable! We are purposed to live life to its fullest. What does a fulfilled life look like? It’s when we have taken the necessary steps to ensure everything we need to achieve a better life has been identified, pursued passionately, and successfully accomplished. Is this a walk in the park? No. Is this a quick fix? No. Can you meet all of your goals and objectives, and marvel at your success in a year? Absolutely! Below, we have provided a few details of the 365iNfusion Health & Wellness system. The full contents of the module will be released after the Commitment Meeting and prior to each class throughout the year after the client has signed up for the program.







IMAGINE THIS! You (or someone you know) have weighed in the 200 lb+ range for most of your adult life. It’s been a struggle and no matter what you did over the years to reduce your weight, the road to success was delayed. But something allowed you to rise above the trials and obstacles, and as a result of all your hard work and intense dedication, you did it!! You accomplished a goal you didn’t think was possible!! Your 200+ pounds has now fallen into the 100s!! You hit 1derland!! Yes…YOU!! YOU DID IT!! BAM!! Applause!! Applause!! You deserve to be celebrated!

Order your 1derland shirts TODAY!!


Thank you in advance for your purchase and congratulations! Keep up the phenomenal work!




There are two programs that are available for our clients. You have the option to sign up for the SAVVY (Classes-Only) program or the 365iNfusion ACES program.

SAVVY Program

This consists of 2 monthly classes for those who are interested in the course material each month.  These classes are for everyone and are very informative. I have received suggestions from individuals who currently live a fit and healthy lifestyle, or may have little or no weight to lose, but would enjoy additional insight of the course content offered by our program for continued support. The SAVVY program is also provided for individuals who may not want to participate in the detailed aspects of the ACES program at this time. A few of the topics that we provide in each class are located under the Health & Wellness section of the menu.


COST: call 202-355-2223 for pricing


i5 members, please contact Mary Perara at prior to sign-up.

365iNfusion ACES

This is our all-inclusive program. ACES stands for Accountability + Commitment + Encouragement = SUCCESS


The 365iNfusion ACES program consists of full support to include:


  • 2 classes per month with weigh-ins (SAVVY Program)
  •  3 physical tests (modified routine if necessary) within the year
  •  Quarterly assessments with measurements
  •  Questionnaire for evaluation and review
  •  Ongoing support through our Encouragement Coaching program


Our former clients received the greatest results through the ACES program. It is the perfect way for us to track and measure results as well as sharing your success with you.


COST: call 202-355-2223 for pricing


NOTE: Additional coaching (to include group coaching) is also available. Please contact Mary Perara at for pricing and more information.


IMPORTANT: This year we will be adding a webinar option for both the SAVVY Program as well as the ACES Program. A Schedule of Events will be provided upon sign-up. If you are unable to attend the live classes at the physical location on the 2nd and 4th Monday evenings each month at 7pm (except for holidays), we invite you to consider our webinar classes on Thursday nights at 7pm. More information will be available in our Commitment Meeting Class. Sign up today!





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